Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seeds of Faith chp1 part2

Well, no one else has posted so I will.

      The chopper bucked back and forth in the turbulence, it’s passengers hanging on to their seats for dear life. Most of them were Liberator soldiers. Highly trained, they could run for miles with out fainting and if given the order, could kill with barely a thought about it. This ride was making them all nauseous.
      One of the soldiers was Lieutenant John Ramsley. He dug his fingers into the fabric of the bench beneath him. Bile rose in the back of his throat. Swallowing, he tried not to think about how the helicopter swayed in every gust of wind. Looking around he saw that the others seemed to be feeling just about the same as he did. That meant there would be no ribbing about his weak stomach later. It didn’t really matter though, he was too sick to gloat in such a small victory. Why was this trip back to base so upsetting?
     Groaning, John stared down at his feet. It didn’t help. He glanced around, trying to find any where to set his eyes that would relieve the urge to heave his lunch. Instead, his eyes collided with those of their prisoner. Dark brown eyes stared back at him in anger. They were set in the face of a young woman about his age. Her hair was just past her shoulders and matched her eyes. With the exception of the dirt on her clothes and her mussed hair, she was quite beautiful but defiantly not his type.
    He and some other soldiers had found the woman sneaking through a previously deserted town that the Liberator forces had recently turned into a training course. He still was having a hard time believing it. Waking up one morning to begin drills, they had been surprised to see her making her way in their direction.
      At first she hadn’t seen them- that was until one of the newer recruits had alerted her to their presence. The soldier had whooped like an Indian on the war path and then took off running after her. That action had earned him two weeks of kitchen duty. John didn’t feel any pity for him, he brought it on himself.
       Even with the warning and the head start, they still found the woman easily enough later. If she hadn’t fallen and hurt herself, she might have a least made it out of the town’s limits. Instead, she ended up with a banged up ankle and was cuffed in a helicopter taking her to the nearest Liberator base. Once there, she would have her ankle looked at and then she would be transferred to the interrogation center. Lucky her.
John let a smile tug at his lips. She would be his assignment, he was sure. Being the only one of the five interrogators present at her capture, he would be given the first chance to grill her.
      If there was any fact in the rumors of a man who would attempt to over power the Liberator forces and convert everyone to Christianity he would find it. He had spent his entire adult life on the job. The document, or “Prophecy” as it was called that had started the rumors had originated in the town he had just left.
     Seeing the chance to search for over looked information, John had asked to travel with the trainees when they came to use the course. He had found nothing and no one in the first three days. When the course was built, all evidence had probably been destroyed. Not only that, but for years the only inhabitants of the cities that could be found were birds and wild animals. At least that was until they had found this woman wandering around. Now they would hopefully discover if she knew anything of the rumors or if that was all they were.
      One thing John knew for certain was that if she did have any knowledge of the man, he would find out about it. He had to. He had lived his entire life with the army because of his father. His father had given his life for this cause. It was the only way he could make his father proud.


  1. Feel free to post when ever you want however often you want! I really need to post again :(

  2. lol, yeah. I have been waiting to read the rest of everybodies stories but I haven't seen them.

  3. This was really good, and a great twist on the story--writing from the POV of someone other than Katie. At one point you wrote 'over looked', which should be 'overlooked', but other than that, it was awesome.

  4. John is actually one for the main characters. There are a few other scenes from the POV of other characters but I am thinking about cutting them down. I will have to post them at some other time (After you guys read the parts before so they make sense)and see what you think. The only time I use other characters POV is when the main characters are not present but I don't know if I should summarize those scene.