Monday, March 5, 2012

Seeds of Faith Prologue

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The seed, the prophecy
Out of the great,
the high and the arrogant,
a leader will be formed.
A nation once firm,
grounded in the highest truth,
will birth one of remembrance.
In the field of destruction,
a seed will be planted.
Struck by calamity,
and weathered by storms,
the seed will find him.
Beaten and bruised,
it will often be jostled and dropped.
But if its carriers do their part,
if they see that it survives,
it will embed deep in his heart.
If watered and tended,
it will grow and will strengthen.
With a shout of determination,
he will rip free the chains laid on his heart.
Taking on a battle cry long forgotten,
he will race forth and slay the guard.
He will tear away the blindfold of the world
and then, mayhap for the first time,
its captives will look past the broken here
and now and see the Son
burning within him;
Ready to free all who call on His name.
       Such a silly thing to be afraid of; those few words on paper. The words can’t attack or kill yet an entire army searches for their source. Leads me to wonder why they don’t take some other words to heart. The words of prophets centuries ago seem to hold more weight to me than those written only a couple of years before now.
      For whatever the reason, the Liberator’s believe the words of the Prophecy or at least believe that they have some power. Ever sense they discovered the writing they have sought for the writer and the one it describes as “a leader”. So far, their search has not been fruitful.
      Yes, Liberator is what they call themselves. They say it’s because they are “here to liberate the people of the Christian menace”. They believe that they are the “guard” the prophecy speaks of and that us Christians want to slay them and well…. they don’t really like the idea.
     Now, I can’t tell you if they are who is being spoken of, although I can tell you that some Christians do want to slay them. I don’t, but why would they believe me? This prophecy is new to me. I just recently heard of it, and from the Liberators no less. Maybe they shouldn’t be asking around about it so much as they spread it faster and farther than we ever could.
     I’m still not convinced that the Prophecy isn’t a fraud. A way for the Liberator leaders to manipulate their followers through fear of a common enemy. No one even knows who the author is, let alone whether it is real or not. Either way, it’s changed my life completely.
     If I had known what was going to happen, would I have still left my home that morning? I doubt it. At the time, I wasn’t ready for the pain I would face and most likely would have hid in my room. That’s probably one of man’s greatest problems; that when we know something will be painful, we run the other way. Jonah sure could tell you all about it. We don’t like discomfort or anything that even resembles it. So when it comes to a decision, pleasure usually wins seven times out of seven. How about I tell you my story and let you see for yourself what I mean.


  1. Wow!! Great prologue! It definitely sparked my interest. Well done! XD

  2. I like it! You have a great writing style. It reminds me of a grandfather sitting down with his children next to a fire and telling them a wonderous story.

    1. Thank you, that is knid of what I was going for in the begining. However, the next chapter will have a bit of a different style as I am switching from first to third person.

  3. Very cool! I'm interested now... very interested. I really liked it, it was very well done.

  4. Very good, I loved the prophecy, and the style you chose really worked for the chapter. :) Other than that, there was really nothing wrong or confusing about it; great job.