Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quest for the Stone (Prologue) - Ciara

I guess I'll be the first to post some of my writing on this. Because I feel like it. So... here you go, I guess...

            “We cannot care for him,” said the winged woman, her voice breaking. “We must put him on the streets. Maybe someone will take him. If not, he will die either way.” With tears streaming down her face, she caressed her son’s small, fragile wings one last time.
            Her husband, a human, nodded, tears also welling up in his eyes. He picked up the young boy, wrapped him in a warm blue cloth to match his wings, walked out the cloth door to his hut, and looked at the baby kindly.
            He kissed the child’s small forehead and caressed his wings, watching the boy sleep peacefully. He walked down the street a few blocks, forlornly setting him down on the side of the road, hoping that some kind soul would pick him up and take him in.
            “Goodbye. I will miss you, my son,” he said forlornly, knowing he was the reason the boy had to be placed on the street. Humans had no place in the Lunazon land, and they simply could not flee with the baby. He bent down and placed a scrap of paper on the baby boy. The paper only had one word written on it.
            The King was doing his nightly rounds of the city, making sure that everyone was safe. He checked late at night, every night. He was just finishing his rounds when he heard a child crying. Searching quickly, yet thoroughly, he came upon the source of the noise. It was a baby boy with blue wings. The King gently picked him up.
            “How did you come to be here, my child?” He asked. The baby was still warm and could not have been left there long ago. He held the child’s hand in his fist, and noticed something. The baby was tightly clutching a piece of paper. The King gently pried it out of the child’s hand, careful not to disturb him. He read the paper. There was only one word on it.
            “It looks like you are coming home with me.” The King said, smiling gently. He picked up the child, and the young boy immediately fell asleep. He brought the child to the castle, and made sure that he was in bed and well cared for before going to his own room.
            He knew who this child was, and he knew what would happen to him, just as it was predicted in the Book of Lore. That is, if the child chose the right path.
            “I will do my best to teach this child,” he muttered to himself. “He has a big role ahead of him, although I am sure he can fulfil it.”
            That night, he called up some of his best trained specialists, each with their own craft.
            “You will teach him,” he told them. “And teach him well. I have named him my son, and he deserves the best from all of you. Do your work with a good heart.”
            After dismissing them, he once again went to the room of the child – his son.
            “I know they will train you well,” he whispered, although the young child could not hear, and certainly could not comprehend. “Goodnight, my dear child. Goodnight -” he glanced at the name on the piece of paper, “Jonah.”


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  1. I like it! Some mystery mixed with awesomeness!

  2. Thanks Caleb/Belac/whatever-your-name-is :P !! ;)