Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Linien Group Chapter 3

Hey everyone! This is sort of the chapter that moves the story along. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

The First Mission

           Lindle pulled a lever that had been concealed behind a picture that depicted an old man sitting on a rocking chair. The wall behind him slid away revealing a dark stairway which led to a tunnel. The group of five rushed down the stairs and into a long hall. There were weapons adorning either wall. Filian had never seen so many swords. It seemed, to him, that every one he saw was better than the last. Once they came to the end of the weapons hall Filian found many boxes of provisions which Lindle started to put into a large satchel. “Filian and Jakar go grab a couple of weapons for yourselves. Rachael and Tyraino help me gather food for all of us.” Filian ran back to the hall and sorted through the weapons. There were so many to chose from. Eventually Filian chose to long slim blades and a couple daggers to go with them. He ran back to find all but Jakar waiting for them with full bags of equipment and food. After some time Jakar ran up holding a crossbow with a quiver of arrows, and a sword. “Now” Lindle started “we are supposed to rendezvous with Captain Lyaber at Treboar in three days. So we leave now.” “Wait” Filian called out “I had some questions abou…” He was cut off rudely by Lindle. “All will become clear soon. Now follow me.” The muscular man ran down the tunnel leaving the rest of them to catch up. Filian pushed himself as hard as he could and soon found that he was out of shape. After a long run Filian spotted a light up ahead where he could make out the silhouette of Lindle waiting for the rest of them. The tunnel ended out the side of the Linien outposts foundation. “Are we taking horse?” Tyraino asked Lindle “Yes” Lindle replied as Filian and Jakar tried to catch their breath. “Now we must be silent as we approach the stables.” “Why…” Jakar huffed out “do we have to sneak?” “That was… one of the… questions… I wanted to ask.” Filian stated between breaths.  “If you must know” Lindle answered “we are basically King Rorington’s secret weapon of sorts. If the whole kingdom knew about us then lets say a war started it wouldn’t take long for the enemy to hear about us. And then they would be much more cautious in their doings. Does that answer your questions?” “Why haven’t I ever seen you before?” Filian asked with confidence filling his voice. “We are dead. That is according to the Kingdoms Book of the Dead. I died from drowning when I was but a wee lad. I guess that you two should die also.” “Will you consult Riphgaurd on the matter?” Rachael asked. “Once we reach Treboar I will seek him out on the subject. Now to the stables.” The team started to run again. Filian didn’t much like the idea of being dead. When he was a child both his parents had died in the Tribal Wars. They had both fought valiantly or so he was told. Filian had only been eight years old when his grandmother broke the news to him. She had raised him for three more years then died of fever. That’s when Filian joined the training and met Jakar. They had gone around the out post foundation to the back where the wooden stable stood tall. They snuck inside to find it empty of people. “Grab a horse quickly.” Lindle commanded fiercely. Filian hopped onto a sleek black horse. He read the steeds name tag: Charger. Some how the name fit the horse. “Follow my lead.” Lindle said as his horse bolted through the doorway.

Yzingowa ran through the woods with great speed. The expert swords men knew exactly where he was going. Yzingowa was almost like a walking compass because of the Yzarr’s amazing memory. The woods he trod on, he remembered, his father, Yzingu the Great, had brought him to when he was not only two years of age. Although the Yzarr was running at a great rate, there was not one drop of perspiration to be found on him. He readied his double bladed sword as he ran. Yzingowa connected the two blades to the metallic handle. He knew that he would need the sword handy. Finally Yzingowa came to a huge hole in the ground. If he hadn’t known it was coming he would have fallen to his death. He could see no bottom to the hole. The diameter of it was at least  five hundred feet across. There were tunnels coursing throughout the entire hole. The Troll Nation was right where Yzingowa had remembered it. He pulled a grappling hook from his back. Yzingowa was obviously an expert at it. The hook flew through the air until landed on the floor of the exact tunnel he had aimed to hit. He tested it to make sure it was secure then tied it around his slim waist. Yzingowa backed away a couple steps then ran. When he got one step from the hole then jumped. Yzingowa flew through the air. He stuck out his feet as soon as they hit the wall he shoved off. The next time he hit Yzingowas knees buckled. He undid the rope around his waist and started climbing. As soon as he reached the top a massive troll charged him. Yzingowa pulled his sword from his back ready to fight. The troll was at least twice as tall as the eight foot Yzarr. He held in one, four fingered, hand a hammer in the other a huge oval shaped shield. From Yzingowa’s personal experience trolls were not the smartest creatures in the kingdom although they are big and bulky. Yzingowa knew that this would be a quick match if he could only out smart it. The troll closed in on, on the still standing assassin, and then vaulted into the air. The assassin waited till the last minute then rolled underneath the beastly giant. The troll stared at Yzingowa with a curios  look in his dark eyes. “Why are you here?” He asked with a hint of hurt in his voice. “I should have figured” the assassin said “you’re the only one left that was there that fateful night.” “You will pay, Yzingowa. So many of my kind died that night. I will not let you through.” “I doubt that Zoll.” The assassin said looking up at the rock top to the tunnel. The stupid troll stared at the ceiling. Yzingowa threw an extremely sharp disk. It cut the trolls neck perfectly. Yzingowa had thrown the metal disk cutting through the trolls thick skin. “You never were very good at fighting.” Yzingowa scoffed. He knew exactly where to go. Yzingowa didn’t run into any more trouble on the way. He stopped at to large wooden doors. Yzingowa pushed the door in easily. In side was a huge library. The shelves full of books rose several hundred feet into the air. Yzingowa passed by the many shelves he was interested in just one of them. The Book of the Dead!

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