Friday, March 2, 2012

The Linien Group Chapter Two!

Okay this chapter might be just a little bit boring so I'll get the next one out sooner. Enjoy

Chapter 2
The Linien Group
“These two!” One of the group contradicted. “Yes, these two. I assume that they have been listening to our conversation.” “These are just a couple of troublemakers.” The woman fumed. “What are your names?” The big man asked ignoring the woman completely. Filian was the first to speak up, “I’m Filian and… this is… Jakar,” He managed to say. “Well Filian, and… Jakar welcome to the Linien Group.” “If I may ask” Jakar appealed “what is the Linien group?” “You should sit down.” The man with the hammer chortled “it’s a long story.
“First off my name is Lindle son of the fearsome Linien” the man with the hammer implied. “And this is, ” he gestured to the gorgeous woman now sitting across from them, “Rachael Songsinger. And last but, not least this is Tyraino Knifemaster. Now that we have made introductions on to the story. Have you two ever heard of Linien the Warrior?” Filian, and Jakar shook there heads in unison. “That’s who this group is named after and this outpost. It turns out he raised me; although, he wasn’t my real father he treated me like a son. During the Cold Wars Linien discovered something of great power. I remember him one night saying that he was going on a long trip and wasn’t sure when he would return but, he told me that this one thing would change the war for good. Meanwhile I stayed and kept up the farm. Linien returned different from when he departed. He was much stronger and also a better warrior than before. He said that he had to leave again immediately to march to war.” “What does all this have to do with the Lin… a… what ever group?” Jakar questioned. “Let Lindle finish the story and all shall become clear.” Tyraino insisted “The war seemed to be going well” Lindle continued “that is before Linien became careless with the power he held. What ever the source of the power he let it slip out of his grasp and into another’s. The Yzarr people, whom we were at war with, their leader got his hands on the power and was almost unstoppable. Yzingu, the Yzarr peoples leader, marched his army to this outpost. The king had all of his men sent to this very outpost to stop them. The entire war came down to this battle. The king even joined the battle. I was also present that fateful day. It sure was a sight two enormous army’s fighting at this little outpost. The Yzarr army soon made ways to enter and the battle was inside. Linien watched as Yzingowa was blowing through our ranks. He charged him wanting to end it. He jumped off of a ballista’s base and flew through the air. Yzingowa had is head turned. He heard Liniens shout of rage and swung his sword as he turned his head. They both killed each other with one swing each. Now, Jakar, before you ask me again what this has to do with the Linien group let me simply finish the story. Shortly before the battle Linien was sent on a mission to assonate one of Yzingowas commanders. The king told him he could chose what ever men he wanted. So he chose five of the best and they completed the mission expertly. So Linien presented an idea to the king that they should keep the group together for missions of such. And also to keep it a secret. So now that you know everything what do you say do you want to be a part of the Linien group?” Filian and Jakar looked at each other with dazed eyes. “That wasn’t really a question” Rachael announced “ now that you know everything you two don’t really have a choice.” “I’m in” Jakar said. Filian thought about it a little longer then said: “As am I.”
Filian had slept poorly the whole night. Tossing and turning there where too many thoughts rushing through his mind. Him and Jakar had ended up in the same place late at night: the food hall. They both sat at a table with a cup of ale in hand. “Why did you have to go down there in the first place?” Filian asked Jakar with rage. “I am sorry Filian, but it was your decision to come with me.” “That is one, Jakar, that I will forever regret. Now I am going to go to my bed and try to sleep. Lindle said we are going to need it are training starts tomorrow.” And with that Filian stood up and walked away. Leaving Jakar to lie in self pity.
As it turned out Filians attempt at sleep failed miserably. He awoke exhausted and stiff. He was also still angry at Jakar. “I should have just stayed here.” He muttered to himself. Filian and Jakar had been instructed to meet the rest of the group at in the same room in the storage area after breakfast. Filian moseyed down the stairs and into the food hall. A thought suddenly occurred to Filian. He had never seen Lindle or the others before. Were they in hiding? Separated from the rest of the world. Filian had been one of the first in line for hot oats. Not his favorite meal. He saw Jakar who had fallen asleep on top of one of the tables. He had drool oozing out of his mouth. At least he got some sleep. Filian thought to himself. This would be the ideal time to get back at him. Filian thought for a moment about dumping his bowl of hot oats down his neck, or pouring his milk throughout his greasy hair. Fortunately, for Jakar, Filian resisted. Instead he wolk him up with a gentle nudge. “If want some food before are meeting with the Linien group you better get in line.” Filian whispered in Jakars ear. He lifted his head dazed. Then Filians words struck him. Jakar jumped up and ran to the line. Filian was finishing his bowl as Jakar walked up with his. “Ah there’s nothing like hot oats and a glass of milk. Is there Filian?” “Yes” Filian replied “there is living a normal life without having to go to war with only six people including myself! Filian realized that he was standing up and shouting at the top of his lungs. But he no longer cared. “And another thing he said I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night because of your… stupidity! You are always getting into trouble Jakar. When are you going to learn!” Everyone in the food hall had become silent listening to there argument. Filian stomped off leaving Jakar, again, to stare at his bowl of food. He walked to the entrance of the of the storage area. There was a guard stationed at the door. “Excuse me sir” Filian grumbled “I need to get through.” “Authorization please.” He stated dryly. “What authorization?” “Every one that goes down to the storage area has to have authorization because some… were stealing food.” “Who all has this authorization?” Filian questioned. “I’m not aloud to give that kind of information.” Filian resisted the erg to punch the man; besides, the man was just doing his duty. He thought about how he could get in. Then it hit him if there was food in the basement so the cooks must have had access to the storage area. He ran to the kitchen. He knew a couple of the cooks, but none better than Ginger. “You want me to do what.” the red head said. “I can’t give you that. It’s for cooks, captains, and smiths.” “Please” Filian pleaded with her. “I’ll do anything.” “Anything?” “Yes anything!” “Okay you can do tomorrows mornings dishes.” “Okay. Now hand it over.” She reluctantly handed it to him. It was just a simple card with her name on it and the words “head cook” on it. Filian ran into the food hall grabbed Jakar and ran back out. “What is all this about?” Jakar questioned; although, Filian paid him no heed for he was still angry with him. They finally stopped a the entrance to the storage area. To Jakars relief a different guard had been stationed at the door. He held up the card and the guard let them pass. Fortunately the guard hadn’t noticed that according to the card his name was Ginger. They rushed down the stairs and burst through the door. Everyone was now present. It appeared to Filian that they had been waiting awhile. “It is about time” Tyraino fumed. “There were complications.” Filian replied. “There isn’t much time.” Lindle implied. “We have to leave. In fact we have to leave now!”


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